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Sherl Simon is a skilled white hat hacker, also popularly known as an ethical hacker, responsible for the security system of any organisations intellectual property. The evolving advancements in technology had motivated Sherl to pursue a certification in this important of ensuring online security. She is trained to emulate the movement of a black hat to crack their activity for security purposes.
She is equipped to scan different ports to analyse the flaws with the support of a port scanning tool. This is put into application to check for any ports that are open. She can study and identify these ports in great detail to suggest appropriate measures to counter, in order to provide defence against any probable cyber-attacks.
She is capable to analyse and examine any kind of installations of a patch to prevent threat actors to exploit these. She adopts methods of social engineering such as shoulder surfing to collate essential information. This helps in making any cyber-criminal unable to procure grant to data that is highly sensitive. She has tried her hand at different processes and numerous approaches to prevent honeypots built by any company. They search for faults that provide black hats ways to keep away from Intrusion Prevention System or Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls or honeypots. Hijacking web series, network sniffing and other such network associated loopholes can be performed by Sherl.
“Sherl, with her experience in security systems has the ability and skill sets to protect the organisation by searching and dealing with all kinds of vulnerabilities in the system to avoid any cybercriminal to enter the system. Certified in all kinds of practices and strategies related to white hat hackers, Sherl is an asset for our country. “