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  • Faster load times
  • Cutting edge mobile website designs
  • Carefully planned designs based on user navigation and traffic flows
  • Ensuring cross platform compatibility
Today, everybody is accessing the web on the move from their mobile devices. Earlier in 2018, Google made mobile first indexing essential stating that they’d been seeing, for some time now, more searches coming from mobile devices compared to desktops. And so, the shift to mobile first website designing requires immediate action. As mobile internet speeds continue to improve, and costs reduce across the world, no business can afford not to adopt a mobile first strategy.

What is Mobile Web Design?

As the name suggests, a website designed keeping the screen size and specifications of a mobile or smartphone in mind is mobile first website design. To both search engines and users, the mobile design elements will make it easier to navigate, browse, research, shop, and buy from their mobile browser.

Why You Need Mobile Design ?

We can tell you, mobile first approach to website designing can give you significant edge by helping your potential customers to find and browse your website more easily than your competitor’s. A mobile first responsive web design is necessary if you want to stay relevant in 2020 and beyond.
  • Increased Website Traffic via Enterprise SEO by 3500%
  • Increased Website Traffic via Enterprise SEO by 3500%
  • Increased Organic Traffic via Vernacular SEO by 270%
  • Increased Organic Views on YouTube Channel by 147%

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